October 23, 2014

Mind Map Challenge #1: Learning English Rules for Infinitives and Gerunds

buzz lightyear to inifinitive or gerund

This is our very first Mind Mapping Challenge!

Be sure to check that link for rules to play, and to see what you can win!

When to use -ing or to __?

It’s a very difficult thing for English learners to remember. In fact, with names like infinitives (to__) and gerunds (-ing), it must be difficult, right?

And when things are difficult, that’s when it can be beneficial to make a mind map!

Here’s a great resource for teachers that covers some basic rules that will help you choose when to use an infinitive or gerund.

There’s also an exception to one of the rules you can read about here.

Your challenge, should you accept it, is to take the information on those pages, and create the most helpful mind map you can!

You have until November 6, 2014 at midnight to send an image of your mind map to me at nate [at] tweetspeakenglish dot com. Use the subject Mind Challenge #1.

I will then add everyone’s images here and we can vote!

Teachers and students alike may enter. Teachers, if you win, you can give the free month of lessons to your favorite student :)

Good luck!

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