March 11, 2015

Introducing Courses!

We decided to make a change at Tweet Speak English this week.

We had been working on creating a large resource to help you learn natural English phrases used on Twitter.

But there are a couple of reasons why we decided to change that:

  1. A resource that is too big can be difficult to use, and learn!
  2. If we could focus more time on creating different kind of content, we could help more people.

So, I’m happy to announce that we launched Courses yesterday!

From now on, we will focus on a single topic, and create a course around that. We will continue to use Twitter as a source for the language we teach.

Over the next few months, our plan is to have a growing library of courses that you can choose from.

Each course will be like an interactive text book with videos, audio, speaking feedback with our recorder, and explanations with examples.

Some of them might be weekend or holiday courses, and some might be one month courses or more.

We’re very exited about this change, and if you are too, please click the share button now.

We also need your help to know what kind of courses we should make for you.

Please take one minute to answer these questions.


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